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Feat images are currently not visible in the Anthem in-game menu. I would like to learn what the icons mean to better understand my skills and strong suits; I'm sure others do as well. Could anyone begin working on a feats page?

Masterwork Items by class

Javalin Ranger

Masterwork Grenade - Explosive Blaze - has blueprint challenge

Masterwork component - Defensive Bulwark - no blueprint challenge

Masterwork Component - Combined Arms - no blueprint challenge

Masterwork weapons ALL Classes

Elemental rage - Masterwork Assault Rifle - has blueprint challenge

Unending Battle - Masterwork Machine Pistol - has blueprint challenge

Avenging Herald - Masterwork Heavy Pistol- has blueprint challenge

Wyvern Blitz - masterwork Sniper Rifle - has blueprint Challenge

Artinia's Gambit - Masterwork Light Machine Gun - has blueprint challenge

Thunderbolt of Yvenia - Masterwork Marksman Rifle - has blueprint Challenge

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