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The four initial javelins – the Colossus, Interceptor, Ranger, and Storm, from left to right

Javelins are powered exosuits worn and piloted by Freelancers when venturing into world beyond Fort Tarsis. They grant their wearers superhuman capabilities and are heavily modifiable, allowing for a number of unique individual models.

The general design of javelins is influenced significantly by Shaper technology, and the exosuits are among humanity's most cutting-edge technologies. Javelins are meticulously handcrafted by Arcanists[1] rather than mass-produced, and are subjects of reverence due to their extraordinary nature.[2]

Story[edit | edit source]

The Legion of Dawn – precursors to the Freelancers – constructed the first javelins.[3] It is believed by many that members of the Legion of Dawn were the greatest javelin pilots to have ever lived.[4]

Features[edit | edit source]

A Ranger-class javelin in flight

Javelins are flight-capable and equally maneuverable underwater, by way of posterior afterburners. Coupled with the exosuits' digitigrade leg design, the afterburners also allow for high-speed movement on ground. Javelin afterburners build up heat while in flight, requiring that pilots fly through water to cool them down for extended flights. Javelin jets can also be cooled in midair while not being used[5] and less heat is gained while flying down than while flying up.[6] Should a javelin overheat while in flight, it will fall from the sky, granting pilots only a modicum of control during the descent.

In addition to flight, some javelins are also able to double jump.[7]

All javelins possess a locked-in melee attack and a single ultimate ability. The Ranger specifically can use its ultimate ability while in flight; not all javelins are capable of such.[8]

When damaged, javelins retain visible wear and will emit sparks in impaired areas, though they they will not perform worse in such a state. Javelins are susceptible to fall damage and do not possess a health regeneration system; health can be regained via pick-ups found in the world.

All javelins have some form of damage mitigation,[9] and certain javelins may be able to deflect enemy projectiles.[10]

Variants[edit | edit source]

Customization and personalization[edit | edit source]

Javelins can be equipped with gear found in the world or crafted to better enable Freelancers to tackle the world. Additionally, Freelancers can personalize their javelins with unique cosmetics (armor packs and paint jobs) to distinguish themselves from their allies.[11]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • By default, the Ranger is the first javelin obtained by The Freelancer.[12] The others can be earned in non-sequential order within the first quarter of the main story.[13]
  • There are no gender variations to javelins.[14]

References[edit | edit source]