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An overview of Fort Tarsis

Fort Tarsis is a fortified human settlement enclosed by a megastructure known as "the Wall", which protects the fort's inhabitants from the dangers of the outside world. Freelancers are commissioned to venture outside the fort, to gather resources for the free people of Fort Tarsis and combat forces seeking to dominate them head-on.

Story[edit | edit source]

In the darkest chapter of human history, a group of heroes known as the Legion of Dawn acted as humanity's guiding light through the tumultuous times; their skill and courage allowed for the construction of fortified settlements such as Fort Tarsis, safe from the corruption and dangers of the outside world.[1] As such, humanity's central fortress was named after the Legion of Dawn's leader, General Helena Tarsis.[2]

Areas[edit | edit source]

Launch Bay[edit | edit source]

A shared, instanced zone where you can access all the facilities in Fort Tarsis in a smaller area while socializing with other players. Located just south of the Forge.

Forge[edit | edit source]

Located at the east end of Fort Tarsis, adjacent to the platform where you access your javelin suit - the Forge gives you access to customization and load-out options for your javelin, as well as the list of javelins you currently own.

Vault[edit | edit source]

Access to your personal storage. Located just to the north of the Forge.

Regulator Store[edit | edit source]

Owned and operated by Sayrna, this store gives you access to crafting materials, customization options for your javelin and other miscellaneous things

Vanity Store[edit | edit source]

Located very close to the Regulator Store, it is essentially an exact copy of the functionality of the Regulator Store, but owned by a different proprietor. (It is unclear why both of these stores currently operate in exactly the same way and seem redundant)

Newsfeed[edit | edit source]

Located in a basement, in the north of Fort Tarsis, this table gives the player access to live newsfeeds about the game and community. Owen stands next to it. This is also where the player spawns when entering the game.

Challenges & Alliance System[edit | edit source]

This area is looked after by the character Lucky Jak, and provides the player with access to their current alliance contribution status as well as the current daily, weekly and monthly challenges available and the player's progress towards each one.

The Bar[edit | edit source]

The bar is located underground and currently does not have a name, although the current proprietor - Max - mentions that it was previously known as the "Black Emporium". Several quest-related encounters (as well as optional dialogues) take place here.

Greenhouse[edit | edit source]

This very small greenhouse is located at the west end of Fort Tarsis, just south of the bar, but above ground. Sentinel Brin can be found here as well as a Sentinel's Contract board.

Arcanists' Rotunda[edit | edit source]

Located near the fountain the courtyard, Matthias spends nearly all of his time here, researching. The area is filled with stacks of books, scrolls, artifacts and other miscellaneous objects.

Hall of Freelancers[edit | edit source]

A small wing located between the alliance system and newsfeed tables. Retired freelancer Yarrow spends all of his time here. There is a contract board on the wall just outside of the hall. The stories of all of the perished freelancers are written (and drawn) here on the walls (although in an unintelligible language).

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • As indicated by the tale of the Legion of Dawn, Fort Tarsis is not the only settlement of its kind to have been constructed.[1]

References[edit | edit source]